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Ferrous and Non-ferrous Casting

FLAGTECH has the facilities to produce ferrous and non-ferrous castings including cast irons, alloy steels, austenitic cast iron, medium alloy steels, wear and impact resistant steels. copper alloys, bronze, zinc, aluminium. Our pattern shop has experienced technicians capable of making complex patterns and moulds as per drawings or samples within close tolerances.

We offer experience with the latest technology and production strategies. Our designers and engineers know the process beyond the schematics. They’re on the foundry floor, helping pour and machine different products every single day.

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Steel Fabrication

We are able to accomplish difficult fabrication jobs for construction, marine, oil & gas sectors and all kinds of Process Industries. Our work force comprises of fitters, certified welders, fabricators, technicians, engineers.

Our experience in bulk storage tanks, mixing vessels, conveyors, trolleys, trailers have helped us in developing in-house designing and manufacturing facility for the lubricant & grease plants, chemical, dairy, beverage and food processing, waste water and desalination plants.

Pipe Fabrication

Pipe fabrication is the process of welding piping components such as pipe, elbows, tees, flanges, etc., into engineered piping systems in according to design requirements or as per drawing.

In our manufacturing facility, we can make pipe spools for hydraulic systems and different type of process skids used in oils and gas sector.

CNC Machining

FLAGTECH has CNC machining facility for precision machining process. We can handle variety of products for various applications as per customer requirements.

Conventional Machining

Other than CNC We have facility to do all kind of machining process by Conventional Machining for small, heavy and complicated jobs.

Our machine shop is equipped with an installed base of lathes, gear hobbing, milling, shapers vertical turning and boring mills, horizontal boring, slotting, radial drill machines.

Hydraulic Equipments

We undertake repair of Hydraulic Pumps, Powerpacks, Hydraulic & Pneumatic cylinders, Hydraulic jacks etc, we design and manufacture, hydraulic power units and Hydraulic test bench and various hydraulic and mechanical equipments.

Industrial Refurbishment

We are repairs and servicing of all heavy earth-moving equipment, gear boxes, pump casings, sleeves. All types of gear boxes including helical, bevel, worm/wheel type are refurbished. We can also manufacture spur gears, racks, sprockets , pinions in various modules and sizes as per drawings or samples with special steels and heat treatments.

Other Services are:

  • Industrial Services
  • Hydraulic Services
  • Marine Services
  • Pumps/Valves Services
Surface Technology

Our range of equipment are imported from the best manufactures world wide including Suzler. We have been servicing the requirements of cement, marine, crusher, dredging industries, oil /gas industries.

Thermal spray services including HVOF are also offered, which is capable of coating critical components with various types of materials like monel, inconel, tungsten carbide, aluminum, bronze etc.

Mechanical Maintenance

Our mechanical maintenance departments, work closely with our customers to understand the problem to rectify and satisfy the needs of clients. We have maintained the process industries pumps , valves , gear boxes , repairing the mechanical systems . Hydraulic pumps & equipment repair and maintenance.

We offer the most economic solution to your turnkey requirements in cement plants, paper and pulp plants, glass industries, chemical plants, ports, mines and various other processing industries.

Plant Shutdown & Onsite Service

We have been involved in plant shut down jobs for various process industries including oil, gas, petrochemicals, cement crusher, food & beverage, mining, fertilizer, glass industries. apart from general maintenance and repair activities, we also maintain and re-furbish hvac systems, compressors, generators, turbines, valves, process piping, tanks and vessels. we can also dismantle, install replace heavy equipment or repair site structural.

Our team of engineers, technicians supervisors have many man-days between them in this sphere of activity in the cement and quarries, we can undertake challenging jobs and in-site works roller press re-building, vertical roller mill repairs, kiln shell repairs, kiln shell tyre and crack repair works can also be undertaken.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling tower maintenance is probably the only way to ensure its effectiveness and safety in the long run.Cooling towers are not just in charge of maintaining an optimal working temperature of your equipment being cooled. They are also there to keep everyone safe.

One of the things that can simplify this process the most is your understanding of the cooling tower processes and common maintenance problems. The most common three problems are:

1.Corrosion of internal structures
2.Water Quality Issues
3.Mechanical damage of moving parts