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Who we are

A culture of continuous improvement!

FLAGTECH Group began its humble voyage in 2022 with A CONCEPT OF DIGITAL B2B Equipment Repairing and manufacturing network that maximise efficiency, quality and values in the field of Equipment manufacturing, fabrication, machining, CNC machining, Die Casting, foundry steel casting, heat treatment, gear cutting technologies We have gradually gained sustainable momentum in becoming the market First innovative in steel and allied metal industry. Under the aegis of the, Mr. JM, the group went from strength to strength and want to become the most recognized name in the Middle East Steel and allied metal Industry. Our pragmatic START is an attribute to our able leadership and a dedicated Engineers which understands and complies with the group initiatives and underlined objectives.

With continuous technological advancement, strategic acquisitions and well-planned forays into new markets, we have made concrete inroads in Architectural and Industrial sectors. With our offices in UAE, & India and we are geographically well poised to cater to our ever-increasing customer base across Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, North America and CIS Countries. Our expertise ranges from Material Supplies to Project Management of Supplies and from manufacturing to Services of architectural and industrial products and solutions in Foundry, steel and allied metals.

Why Choose Us!

Our Specialization And Team Work

Our Mission

• To be the complete Manufacturing B2B network in Middle East for all industrial sectors provider Architectural and Industrial sectors across Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.
• To develop solutions by offering expertise and support it with continuously life-cycle services.
• We aim to be relied upon as the partner-of-choice by our diverse clientele irrespective of their business magnitude.

Our Vision

• Capacity to be the top performing and most admired company in the Middle East offering complete solutions in manufacturing partner in steel and allied metals.
• As an ISO certified company, we adhere to the most stringent industry standards to ensure unparalleled quality at all levels of operation.
• Collaborating and engineering solutions to maximize asset value.
• Our experts collaborate and engineer solutions to help customers maximize value throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir. We combine technology, services and execution expertise to assist our customers with manufacturing, development of products, equipment and supply chain management and formation evaluation, optimization throughout the life of their asset.

Values that achieve more

Exceptional experiences require exceptional values. Our values guide us in everything we do, underpinning how we relate to each other and everyone with whom we interact.

A culture of continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is built into all facets of our business, from R&D, to team building, delivering sustainable solutions, and meeting the needs of our customers, shareholders, and global communities.

Experience to lead

Our dedicated executives have the knowledge and experience to deliver successful results. FLAGTECH is a global manufacturing network that maximizes efficiency, quality and value. Its manufacturing capabilities help customers reduce costs of existing and new production parts, optimize the number of suppliers and execute high quality production faster. FLAGTECH is a partner to leading players in precision parts, capital goods and consumer goods categories, offering a full spectrum of manufacturing services – from custom-made components to mass production, from quality certification to inventory and supply chain management.

Quality Policy

FLAGTECH believes in achieving and maintaining quality standards for all its facilities and manufactured products. We focus on customer satisfaction and being compliant with the requirements of the customer to achieve our mission. We follow a strict adherence to recognized procedures and practices.

We are continuously upgrading our facilities skills and knowledge to be on the forefront of engineering technologies. Our association with leaders in engineering specializations and backache design support teams encourages us to maintain quality standards as per international norms. Our strategy is to maintain this reputation by consistently meeting or exceeding customer's expectations through continual improvements in planned manner with high priority on operational safety.

HSE Policy

FLAGTECH believes that all accidents are preventable and accordingly it has laid the Safety Policy. Under the policy, it adopts Safe Method sand Procedures for carrying out all operations and provides safe working conditions with sale tools protective equipment’s to its employees.

Our priority is in protection of our own employees, employees of subcontractors from incidence of injuries or ill health resulting as a consequence of its activities.

We carry out all the in-house and on to activities in the states practical manner to achieve maximum safety and protection to the health of employees and environment.